Some Kind Words from people who have ridden with Cody Deering.

"Understanding what a person is saying is key and Cody speaks in a way that creates a visual picture for people like me. Once I can "see it", then I can understand it."

Bunny Clews. San Diego

“I had a great time and learned a lot in the 3 days I rode with Cody. He is knowledgeable and very good at explaining things in a way that’s easy to understand. He is also patient when it comes to helping you and your horse execute what he just explained to you. I will definitely be attending more of his workshops.”


~~~ Mary McElligott Clark, Long Creek Oregon. USA

"I have been reading Cody’s posts on Facebook for several years now and have been waiting for a chance to ride with him. Finally we were able to host him at our ranch in eastern NC, and it was everything I’ve dreamed of...and more! He is by far the most knowledgeable horseman I’ve had the pleasure of riding with. Beyond that he’s a brilliant clinician! The way he understands the horse makes it easy for him to communicate to horse and/or rider. He taught on every level this weekend from green rider and green horse, to advanced rider and finished horse. We enjoyed our cattle working exercises—they were new and unique! I give this clinician a 10/10. Already counting down the days until he comes back next year!"


~~~ Gracie Torres, Cavvietta Cattle Co. Elm city, NC

Cody Deering is the best clinician I have seen. He is very knowledgeable and understands the horse both mentally and physiologically. Cody will identify problems and he knows how to fix them. Cody tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. Cody is very polite and very pleasant to be around. I wish I could spend a couple weeks with him to learn more. I will definitely be going the next time he is in my area. I highly recommend Cody Deering.


~~~ Ray Greeson North Carolina, USA

“Would totally recommend Cody’s workshops to anyone who would like to further their horsemanship. He is super knowledgeable and is good at breaking things down in a way that makes them understandable and easy to execute. Riding with him for a few days left me with a lot of takeaway and I plan on attending more of his workshops in the future!”


~~~~ Kylie McElligott Mitchell. Queensland, Australia. 

"Had a great time at the three-day workshop. I learned where I'm at with my horse, and what I need to do to get to where I want to be. Everything was carefully explained and demonstrated. Cody talked the talk and walked the walk, while riding a green horse all weekend. This wasn't just a nine-to-five clinic, as my son said it, it was more like a weekend at cow camp. Highly recommend."


Jay Klaverweiden Delmar, De

"I’ve just completed a 3-day clinic. All I can say is wow. I’ve studied the writings of Ed Connell, Arnold Rojas, Ernie Morris drawings and about everything I could about the reinsman/ vaquero ways for years.

Riding with Cody took the readings to a much deeper level and helped connect some nuggets of knowledge in my horsemanship.

I’ve never met Ed Connell but I’ve read all his books numerous times, Riding with Cody was as close as one can get to Ed Connell.

Well done Cody."

Richard Schouten

Greetings from Germany

"Hallo Cody!
Nun  ist ca eine Woche seit deinem Kurs vergangen.Die Einheiten hatte Zeit sich zu festigen, und tiefer zu wirken--> mit vollem Erfolg!!! Mein Pony erkenne ich kaum wieder. Er ist willig, gentel und schenk mir Lektionen, die ich eigentlich schon nicht mehr gehofft hatte zu reiten. Mein Faulpelz galoppiert freiwillig ; soft, versammelt und aufmerksam!!! Und allles ohne(!) Sporen, und auf dem Platz!
Bleibt stehen wenn wir in den Stall wollen, weil er weiter machen möchte/ aber wenn es am schönsten ist, soll ja bekanntlich aufgehört werden!!!
Wieder auf der Weide konnte er seine Lebensfreude nicht mehr zügeln- quickend und buckelnd hat er die Weide vermessen
.Einfach nur GIGANTISCH!!!!
Vielen Dank, und bis 2020 in Kölau in der CM Riders Inn!! Viele Grüße aus Deuschland"


Nicole & Bubbles. Germany

Hello Cody. Thank you for riding with our Club . It was so great, that you have spend time with us. The teaching for working cattle in the traditional way was clear und great. We learn al lot and we have fun together. GREAT!! Thank you so much!!!
— feeling grateful with Andreas Lamers and Marco Hubricht.  Germany
Two days of listening and learning!
Thank you Cody Deering for the lovely clinic in the Netherlands! To see your Body Awareness was amazing. We spoke about this together. Nice horses, beautiful riders. Mostly riding on a bosal. A lot of homework taking with me. Until next time!🙋# organized by trailsend👍


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